This guide will give you an overview about an order.

This section indicated the order ID

In this section, you can update your order status. There’s a separate guide about order statues which you can get an idea of different statues an order can have.  And this section provides the information about the shipping address and billing address.

This section includes information about the ordered products and quantities and total amount of the order. This gives detailed information about the exact product a buyers has ordered such as product SKU and information about variations.

This section includes information about the shipping process and all the billing information. 

From here you can update the order tracking information. Once you updated this information, tracing information will be visible to the buyer.

By clicking on the lory icon, you can update the tracking information of the order once you shipped it.

Tracking code – This will be the unique ID given by the courier

URL – This will be the tracking page URL of your courier

This section allows you to add a note about the order. This not either can be private not for your self or note for the customer .