In order to edit or view the status of the order, you have to go to the orders menu page. Once you go into the order menu. You will be shown all the orders you have received so far. (Following is an image of order menu page)

The current order status of each order is indicated from the circle in the left in each row.

By going to the each order you can change the order status of the order


Following are the statuses that order can have.

  1. Pending payment – The customer has not finalized payment
  2. Awaiting receipt approval – The payment is awaiting for approval from BoonFair admin
  3. Receipt Rejected – The payment is rejected 
  4. Processing – The order is in processing state after successful payment or COD
  5. On hold – Order on hold due to an issue with the requested product
  6. Completed – Order has been successfully completed 
  7. Refund – The customer has received a refund for the order
  8. Shipped – The product has been shipped

The following status must be update by the vendor

  1. “Processing” to “Shipped” after the product has been successfully delivered to the courier