Product Listing

  1. Go to the product section in the left menu

2. The product section shows a list of already listed products by the seller. Click add new to add a new product

3. Here you can see the new product creation window.

  • Product type
    • Simple product – Product that has no variations. Further a simple product either can be catalog, virtual or downloadable product.

    • Variable product – Product with variations(Size,Color etc)

  • Product title – This space you need to add the product title with with eye catching keywords, Because product title has been really important  when searching the product by the customer. Better title will drive more sales.
  • Photo upload – Make sure to upload product images with 1:1 aspect ratio. Otherwise product images will be cropped when listing on home page.
  • Product pricing – Product pricing is set under the product title, only if the product is a simple product. If the product is a variable product, pricing has to be for each variant.

  • Short description – Which display under the title of the product page
  • Description – The long description about the product
  • Upload images – Can upload multiple images
  • Product category – Categories that the product belongs
  • Tags – You can add some hot keywords, If you add hot keywords your product will show top of the results.

  • Variable Product listing – If the product is a variable product, the seller can set what are the variable attributes of the product such as color, size. Can add any number of attributes and have to add the possible values for each attribute.
  • Variable pricing – Once the attributes are set, User can specify what are the prices for each attribute, what are the default values, pricing for each attribute, stock availability and can upload photos for each attribute value.
  • SEO – This is very important to gain your product more attention on search engine results. So please make sure you fill this section.
    • Enter a focus keyword – Enter a single word that identifies your product
    • Meta description – A meta description is an attribute that helps to describe your product. This snippet of text may appear in the search engine results under your headline.
    • Below images will give you a demonstration, how your product will list on Google results with the SEO information.


If you follow the above process, then you must be completed your first item, basic product listing, now take a look other required filed to finalize the product listing.

2. Configuring the shipping tab – Please follow the details and file it up

    • Weight (g) – your item weight (this is optional)
    • Dimensions (cm) –  Item size in centimetres (this is optional)
    • Shipping class – Each seller will provide a shipping class when registering from boonfair seller support so go to drop-down and pick
    • Processing Time –  This is the handling time, within handling time you should ship the item otherwise the order will be cancel and offer the refund to customer.

So if you file those fields correct now you can hit submit and then the product will be go live to the Boonfair market place.

So to check listed product please go to Products in your left hand side menu.

– Happy selling

– Boonfair Market Place