1. Fill the vendor registration form. You can find the registration form by clicikng the “BECOME A VENDOR” tab.
  2. Register the form and submit. Then you will be directed to the following page in which you will be asked to select the subscription plan.Please choose the free plan.
  3. Once you confirm your vendor plan, you will receive the following message. Please wait until we review your request and get back to you. We will let you know the status within 24 hours.
  4. You will get an email in the following format from us once we review your vendor request.
  5. Whenever a vendor first time login to their store will have a “Store Setup” wizard. This will give them option to setup store essential setting at the very beginning.If any vendor skipped setup widget or want to change any store setting in future then they can do this easily from their dashboard as well.

    Just have to go Dashboard -> Setting

  6. Vendor’s setting page always shows a profile completeness progress bar top of their store setting page.

    It also shows remaining setting suggestions. This will make vendor’s life more easy and give them right direction to setup their store.

    Setting options are categories to give an overview which setting is for what purpose. Available setting categories –

    • Store
    • Location
    • Payment
    • Shipping
    • SEO
    • Store Policies
    • Customer support
    • Store hours
  7. “Store” category will give vendors to set most essential parts of their store –
    • Store name
    • Store slug
    • Store email
    • Store phone
    • Store brand setup
  8. Under the location category, you have to set the location information.
  9. Payment is also very much essential as without payment setting vendor will not able to withdrawal their commissions. Under the payment category, you have to set your payment withdrawal account information.
  10. Vendors may setup their store shipping with all available options from here. You are given a separate guide on “How to set up the shipping method”.
  11. Vendor may set their store social and SEO related setting from here.
    • SEO Title
    • Meta Descrption
    • Meta Keywords
    • Facebook Title
    • Facebook Description
    • Facebook Image
    • Twitter Title
    • Twitter Description
    • Twitter Image
  12. Vendors may set their store policies here.
  13. Vendor may set customer support information separately.
    • Support Address
    • Support Email
    • Support Phone
  14. Vendor may set the store opening hours here. Vendors are given chance to configure their daily basis working hours.
  15. Once you complete with the “Store wizard”, you will be directed to the seller dashboard.

Now you are ready to list your first product. Please follow this guide to know how.

Happy Selling!