To ensure that we don’t burden you with pre-defined delivery methods, BoonFair allows you to have your own shipping methods. May it be through post, courier or even hand delivery, BoonFair has got you covered. You can list your shipping methods and start selling today.

Here’s How…

  1. Login to the seller dashboard
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select shipping. Then you will get the following fields to fill
    1. Processing time – Number of dates taken to process the order
    2. Shipping type – Choose Shipping by Zone which calculates the shipping cost based on districts.
  4. Then set the shipping methods and relevant information about the shipping methods. You can either set a uniform shipping method to all districts or else you can set shipping methods district by district separately, in case if you have different methods for different districts.
  5. Initially, each district will show shipping method as “No method found”. Click “Add Shipping Methods” next to that to list shipping methods available for a district. Then you will get the following fields.
  6. Click Add Shipping Methods to add shipping methods to a district. Then you will get the following popup in which you can configure different shipping methods.
  7. Select the shipping method you want to set up. (You can add more than one)
    1. Flat rate
      1. This means you will charge a fixed charge for the delivery to that district. Delivery by post or a courier can be considered under the flat rate. Once you select the flat rate option you will get the following screen.
      2. Click Edit to configure the method. You only need to edit the fields we have described below.
        1. Method title – This can be the delivery method you use. Ex – Post, Courier by Domex. If the delivery method is a cash-on-delivery option please put [COD] after the method title. (The cash on delivery will be visible to the customer as a payment method only if you add [COD] after the method title.
        2. Cost – Cost for the delivery(If you don’t know the fees please check with your delivery partner)
        3. Description – Add a description about the delivery method and how many days it takes to deliver.
      3. Following is an example of the flat rate courier.
      4. Following is an example of the flat rate post.
    2. Free shipping
      1. This means you will not charge for shipping. If you add free shipping, flat rate shipping will be displayed to the user as the delivery option.
      2. Once you select it, Free shipping will list below as a delivery option. You can edit it by clicking the edit.
      3. You will get the following fields to fill.
        1. Minimum order amount for free shipping – Add an amount that you want to keep as a minimum order amount for free shipping. If you add 1000.00, free shipping will only be available for orders more than 1000.00
        2. Method title – Keep as it is
        3. Description – Add a description about how you do the shipping
    3. Local pickup
      1. This means the buyer will come to you and pick up the order. You can enable cash on delivery for this option.
  8. You have to do this for all the shipping zones that we have defined separately. Don’t worry – you have to do it only once and it is easier than it looks.